Run off the road this morning.

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Run off the road this morning.

Post  unfrufru on Mon Jan 04, 2010 4:20 am

i was run off the road this morning by a silver astra, licence plate AG 03 TS. She was tailgating me and blaring the horn for me to change lanes which i couldn't cause of the traffic running alongside so she weaves her way through the other lanes to get in front of me, gave me the finger then slammed on the brakes so hard that i could hear it screeching so i had to swerve up onto the embankment to avoid crashing into her. this was southbound on southern cross drive heading to the airport just before the wentworth rd exit, then she took off doing well over 110km in an 80 zone

sorry bitch, i'm not speeding for you or anyone. i was already doing 80. just because u were late for your plane doens't give u the right to try adn kill people, and guess what, i told the cops what happened.


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